1. Assalamu ^Alaykum Everyone and Ramadan Kareem….

    This month, I wanted to answer one of my most frequently asked questions.

    One of the most popular requests I get on a constant basis is what type of hijab I prefer to wear (in terms of material) and how do I wrap my hijab.

    Since I am in constantly in office attire, I tend to prefer a classic style of wrapping my hijab. This is so that it blends seamlessly and does not overwhelm my corporate look.

    When it comes to the material of hijab that I love, I prefer ones that are made of 100% jersey material.  I find that Unique Hijabs’ basic jersey hijabs to be the perfect scarf.  They fall so neatly and elegantly when wrapped around one’s head - without excess creases and unintentional folds. They are so great for everyday wear and even for dressier occasions.  Just visit my blog at coverupchic.blogspot.ca, and on instagram @coverupchic, and you will see how I am testimony of that.  I rely on this hijab almost daily.

    As part of this post, I am sharing a video tutorial on how I wrap my Unique Hijabs’ jersey hijab.  The tutorial showcases some basic key steps I follow to achieve my signature hijab style.  I hope you find it useful, and it inspires you add some Unique Hijabs’ jersey hijabs to your collection.  The view the tutorial, visit: http://bit.ly/1mxSrwU. 

    Before I go, I want to share three of my favourite scarves from Unique Hijabs’ jersey hijab collection with their reference codes:

    1) Jersey Hijab Basic – Dark Brown: P3707 (worn in the picture above)

    2) Jersey Hijab Basic – Black: P3492 (also, worn in the picture above)

    3) Jersey Hijab Basic – Navy: P3491 (used in the tutorial – see url above)

    I highly recommend adding a few of Unique Hijabs’ jersey hijabs to your basic hijab collection.  You won’t regret it!

    Happy Shopping! J


  2. Feeling regal in our Royal blue maxi jersey hijab. #uniquehijabs


  3. NEW color in our Aztec light hijabs. #uniquehijabs


  4. Our current favorite || The mauve light luxury hijab. #uniquehijabs


  5. May your Hearts, Prayers and Zakat go to your brothers and sisters in need.#FreePalestine


  6. Our purple ombré light hijab || effortless summer style. #uniquehijabs


  7. Our blue ombré light hijab ||effortless summer style. #uniquehijabs


  8. The worst thing ever, when the pakoras merge! #Ramadanissues


  9. Great hijab for the summer heat, our Grey fading floral light hijab. #uniquehijabs


  10. Simple in our Jewel side pleat hijab in black! #uniquehijabs