1. Repost from 2011! Who wants to see our maxi cardigans back in stock? #uniquehijabs


  2. All set up! Come see us at @hijabfest. #uniquehijabs


  3. Just added new sparkle light hijab in beige. #uniquehijabs


  4. Wearing our navy jersey hijab. New colors coming next week! Repost from @coverupchic Today’s work wear, on the blog.


  5. Mauve, one of the top colors for fall. Get in style with our Mauve ombré hijab. #uniquehijabs


  6. @hijabfest is less then a week away! Get your tickets now at www.hijabfest.org last years event was sold out! #hijabfest #uniquehijabs


  7. Prints and solids mixed together in our Brown solid border light hijab. #uniquehijabs


  8. Tied back style in our Black white striped jersey hijab. #uniquehijabs


  9. Checkout @omayazein YouTube channel for a back to school hijab tutorial featuring our hijabs! #omayazein #uniquehijabs


  10. In our teal jewel pleat hijab. Www.uniquehijabs.com #uniquehijabs